Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations

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Testimony on SQALE

From Dr Israel Gat – Cutter Consortium Fellow and Director, Agile Practice – who uses SQALE for performing Technical Debt Assessments.

Context over Content

“Context over Content” is my mantra in just about every consulting engagement I carry out these days. You will literally hear me tell my clients something like “Values, principles and practices are, of course, extremely important. However, as far as this engagement is concerned the only thing that really matter is how we will jointly apply them in your specific context – your needs, your resources, your predicaments, and your constraints.” In the domain of software quality evaluation, I find SQALE – Software Quality Assessment based on Life Cycle Expectations – a great tool for implementing my mantra. It interprets source code analysis in terms of what really matters in the specific client environment. In so doing, it transforms an overwhelming set of measurement data to actionable insights which are meaningful at multiple levels of the firm.”

Israel Gat, January 2012


SQALE is used by small to large organizations. But, in practice, does SQALE fit to very large, multinational organizations with a multi-language portfolio?

In theory, the method has been developed for such a context. All SQALE concepts are generic. The underlying concept of technical debt is understandable by all levels of an organization’s hierarchy. For deployment in the large, SQALE does not require days of training. So, the only potential issue for deploying SQALE in very large organizations may be related to tool support. Are there tooling solutions for supporting SQALE on very large organizations? Here is a practical answer:

One organization (one of the largest banks in the word) has deployed the SQALE method on its entire application portfolio and its worldwide development team. The SQALE tool in place supports:

  • 4 different languages
  • 4,000+ applications
  • 30,000+ developers
  • 240 Millions lines of Code

So, yes, SQALE does scale !!

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