SQALE is used by small to large organizations. But, in practice, does SQALE fit to very large, multinational organizations with a multi-language portfolio?

In theory, the method has been developed for such a context. All SQALE concepts are generic. The underlying concept of technical debt is understandable by all levels of an organization’s hierarchy. For deployment in the large, SQALE does not require days of training. So, the only potential issue for deploying SQALE in very large organizations may be related to tool support. Are there tooling solutions for supporting SQALE on very large organizations? Here is a practical answer:

One organization (one of the largest banks in the word) has deployed the SQALE method on its entire application portfolio and its worldwide development team. The SQALE tool in place supports:

  • 4 different languages
  • 4,000+ applications
  • 30,000+ developers
  • 240 Millions lines of Code

So, yes, SQALE does scale !!