We provides (see the contact page) professional services to help you to deploy the SQALE method for managing Technical Debt within your organization. Services provided include, but are not limited to the following:


A practical training (with examples and exercises) that go beyond the theoretical aspects of the method

  • Introduction to software product measures and to the Technical Debt metaphor
  • The SQALE Method: concepts and principles
  • The SQALE indices and indicators for analysing Technical Debt
  • The SQALE indicators for supporting payback strategies
  • How to implement and deploy the SQALE Method within your organization

Tailored Quality Models

Expertise and coaching services allowing you to develop your own SQALE Quality Model for a given language and to tailor it to your context and goals.

Tailored Analysis Models

Expertise and coaching allowing to tailor the SQALE Analysis Model to your context and life cycle.

Deployment support

Deployment plan, awareness sessions, coaching sessions.

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